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    Rays Recycling

    Wiper blades.
    You can’t make a living on wiperblades alone. But for 3 yrs I’ve had a bucket at a local wal mart tire lube I used to work there an started but for 3 yrs I’ve been collecting an I stuff washers refrigerators dryers an other. You want get rich on wwb alone but in a yr you’ll get 1000 blades an keeps them out of landfill an added a dollar or 2 to your bottom line. An parts stores have trash cans outside an you’ll get a hundred pair a yr out of them. Especially after a rain. If you go to wal mart an they collect them for you . be diligent an empty your bucket. Always ask the manager some might save them for you when having trash emptied. You may have to provide a 5 gal. Bucket. If you get a blank bucket in permanent marker put your name an number on it. Some wal Mart tle managers may not let you but some will. Some will let you as long as you don’t let your bucket run over an look a mess.
    Thanks ray

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