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    Wire stripping machine is widely used to separate the insulated layer from the wire or cable for metal recycling like the copper, aluminum etc.. As we all know, between the raw materials (the wire or cable) and the final products (recycled metal) by wire stripping machine, there is a big price difference. Take the copper wire for example. The value of bare bright copper is 4-5 times than that of insulated wire. So stripping them in large scale with stripper machine, which can greatly benefit you!

    Amisy heavy duty wire stripping machines are specially designed for stripping wires or cables. Featured with easy operation, simple knife change, low cost and big output, our machines are mainly employed in large scale wire stripping business. What’s more, the wires and cables stripped by our stripper machine are still entire which are easy to store and convenient to be remanufactured.

    Model: 918 B-1
    Capacity: 1000-3000 kg/day
    Dimension: 900*680*1300 mm
    Weight: 250 kg
    Wire/cable processed range: 1-165 mm
    Voltage: 380V/220V 1/3 Phase(customized)
    Power: 3/5.5 kw

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