carol (r) 18 awg — E3602S — type FPLP E66267-8 (UL)

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    RW MT

    I am currently stripping some fire alarm wire (specifically carol (r) 18 awg — E3602S — type FPLP E66267-8 (UL)) I had 2 quick questions:
    1. Was wondering if the braided cable inside is just a ripcord?
    2. Noticed the inner side of the foil shield has a pinkish copper color to it, so I was wondering what that is and if it is worth collecting for scrap?

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    Sorry RW, I don’t have an answer to your questions. No experience with that type of wire.

    I can tell you this, most of the time 18 awg stranded wire is not worth stripping.

    The only exception to this rule (IMHO) is if your talking 18 awg solid wire, like thermostat wire. It’s very easy to strip and the solid wire adds up in weight fast.

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    RW MT

    Haha Yea it is solid 18awg, or I wouldn’t be wasting my time. Thanks though.
    Still can’t seem to get any info on the foil shield and whether to toss it or not.

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    The silver looking foil wrapper is called shielding and it’s purpose is to cut down on stray electrical signal interfere and it is either tin foil or aluminum. Easy enough to figure out, if you drop a few drops of muratic acid on it and it starts to smoke and fizzle right away, it’s aluminum. If it’s tin there is no immediate reaction.

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    RW MT

    Thank you.

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