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    Just need a price on how much this would even go for . My place of buisness was having trouble with out wifi-Internet connection when the Comcast guy showed up to fix it …. He threw away at least 60-120feet of it in our dumpster. Doesn’t look like a lot of copper because it’s mixed with aluminum with copper in the middle . Going to ask for permission from the company tommorow or a letter of approval to scrap ect is what the scrap yard told me I had to do before I brought over . Any idea on the price ?

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    You’re right. There isn’t much copper in this wire. Our local scrap yard only pays 2 to 3 cents a pound. However, with that much of it, it’s probably still worth a few dollars.

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    What you have there is called “Shielded Cable”. The very center wire is an insulated solid copper wire and should be around 18/16 gauge but that’s a guess. The insulated copper wire is shielded, i.e wrapped in an aluminum foll like wrapper.

    The purpose of the shielding is to protect the integrity of the signal the cable carries and prevent interference from stray electrical currents/signals.

    Trying to sell it as is is a waste of your time. Scrap yards will not give you very much because of all the insulation. However what I do with shielded cable is take a razor knife and make an incision (cut) in the outer insulation covering the cable for its entire length. Once finished you should be able to pull the shielded insulated copper wire free from that.

    Remove the aluminum foil shielding and you are left with the insulated copper wire. The insulation the copper wire is in isn’t like normal insulation we see on copper wire. It’s more like a semi (almost soft) plastic of some sort.

    Then, what i do is take the insulated copper wire and place it on my bench where the all of the wire is hanging off the side except for the last 10″ which is on top of the bench/table. i then take a razor knife and lay it almost flat on the insulation angled down slightly and pinning the wire to the table very close to the table edge and start pulling the wire past the knife, over the edge of the table and cutting a thin strip out of the insulation.

    Because of the type of material used for the insulation the razor knife cuts through it like butter and glides along the top of the solid copper wire inside as it removes the thin strip of insulation. Most times all you have to do is just keep pulling the wire between the table edge and razor knife and the thin strip will just peel of until you reach the very end of the cable.

    Then it’s just a simple matter of pulling the wire from the insulation and taking it to the scrap yard for their best Bare & Bright copper price. You will be surprised how much the solid 18/16 gauge copper wire actually weighs once free from its insulation.

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