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    I metal detect A-LOT & I figure if I dig it & it’s metal I might as well get paid for it .
    I dig lots of Copper pipe pieces,(all sizes) & wire bare & insulated.

    I usually turn this in every few months

    I clean all the dirt off the copper pieces & strip the wire that is easy to strip.

    Also got about 75+ pounds of Brass (it’s clean in the fact there is no Iron or any other metal attached , the pieces I dig are usually Aged & a Reddish Color but when you scratch it you get that Yellow color underneath.

    Is this Considered Clean Brass. Since it’s not yellow & Bright?

    Any back on topic . I like to get as much trash out of an area as possible this esp, in lakes & Creeks includes Beer/ Soda Cans that are half full of dirt along with their Aluminium Caps & Various other Aluminum parts , Gutter Whatever.

    Its worth my time ( Barely) the spray out & scrub a little on the copper & brass pieces but for the cans , Ill cut myself to shreds trying to clean out each can.
    So instead of putting them in with my clean cans , I been throwing then in with my steel scrap (to be Shredded ),I figure this is better than throwing them away & heck on others Scrap Steel i see bike tires , Rubber , Plastic & they all get the 5 to 10 cent a pound.
    Is this Cool in yalls opinion.

    P.S. I slam the Can’s & other pieces on the ground to get as much of the dirt out/off as I can.

    Thanks & God Bless All.

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    good in my opinion hell id even say ya should at least get aluminum breakage price… (thats about 12 cents a pound here) if not better. considering dirt i wouldnt think would be able to make it past the re-melting process

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    It’s nice to see that you spend the time to clean up your material the best to your ability, most scrap yards will appreciate that.

    And yes that yellow color indicates that you have clean brass.

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    I thank y,all for the reply’s

    Never heard of the “Aluminum Breakage ” term.

    Like I said before other than cans , Most all other Aluminum Cast, Screen Frames (no plastic or Iron) even Zinc , in the last couple years or so is all classified as Old Sheet “OS”.. A bunch of ‘Do Do ‘ IMO Esp on my large Pieces of Cast .

    Been dealing with several yards for almost 30 years and believe you me Many will rip you off every chance they Get.
    Funny when they get mad when I throw a 20 lb weight on their scales right off & many times they have been a pound or 2 off , of course it was not their fault. Even now with the scrap prices down the large yards still make some serious $. 90% Hispanic Labor don’t mind it if they are Legal ….BUT how do I know.

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    30 years and thats a new one to you?? hmm .. well what do yards you deal with call something thats aluminum but also has 35-40% or less ferrous attached?? thats what we, in central texas, refer to as breakage.

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    also most “zinc” i encounter is in the form of sacrificial anodes and is actually comprised of a combination of zinc , aluminum and magnesium. (price highest to lowest) so a yard taking middle road, price wise, and paying out as old sheet alum really about right.

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    That’s right never heard the term .

    Scrapping has not been my main $ maker , The first 10 years was picking up Cans, when the ‘local ‘ Pepsi’s were still Tin.

    Never owned a Truck , so I stick with small stuff , Copper, Brass , Aluminum .

    The Zinc I was talking about was about 30+ lbs of Lamp Parts & was separated from other OS, Cast Pieces. I could have 100 lbs of Strait die cast & they would wanna pay OS Price.

    Oh your aluminum with 35-40% ferrous attached here would be called Steel Shred-able or Pay the Steel ,Iron Price.

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    well those points could be both good and bad i reckon as in my locale die cast sells about 1/2 to 1/3 of the price as sheet so my mix or clean cast going as OS i wouldnt object to although around here alum breakage is 2-3 times the price of steel so that I might baulk at but really the two together cancel each other out

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    Yea I suppose it all pretty much equals out in the end.

    Looked at Kitco Base metals today & prices are Up “For the Moment”, Hope it lasts .

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    I too metal detect and find all kinds of metals that I throw into my many piles of sorted bins to take to the scrap yard. People would be surprised at what people like us find. Usually all the aluminum goes strait into the breakage bin. Brass usually goes into my clean brass bin unless it is attached to something that I cannot get off. Then it goes into the “dirty brass” bin which still pays pretty good. All the copper goes into the number 2 copper bin.

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    As someone getting in to scrapping, what kind of metal detecting are you doing?

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