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    OK Everyone, the “E-Scrap Parts Manual” is finally finished! It took two years to put everything together but it’s finally all came together and if you want a copy all you have to do is download it.

    If you have any problems downloading it or any questions please let me know.

    One thing, if, after you download it, you find it useful please make a post to this thread and let me know.


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    I want to buy a autographed copy

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      Janet Scott
      Janet Scott

      I know right! Me too. This is going to be a big deal. If you ask me.

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    Sure you do, lol.
    However, donations are accepted. If you decide to donate:

    1) log in to paypal.com
    2) click on “send & request” on the top of the page
    3) click on “pay for goods or services”
    4) enter the email address “searcher1x@gmail.com” and click “next”
    5) enter the amount you want to donate and click continue


    Again, E-Scrap Parts Manual is free and you can download and distribute IT freely as long as you distribute the manual in its entirety. Donations are NOT required but are appreciated. However, I am currently working on additional chapters to add to the manual and as the chapters are finished and added only those who have decided to donate will be provided the link for the updated, revised manual

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    It’s a great read so far, well worth a donation.

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    E-scrap is a secret worldc seems like no one talks about escrap….

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    I think the real problem is e-scrap is still a new industry and there are a lot of unknowns. That’s the main reason I wrote the book. Don’t know if I told you but originally when I started putting everything together it was for my use only. I knew nothing about e-scrap so I figured I’d do some research and make some notes for my personal use.

    Once I started the research I discovered that for a lot of the components (not all) it was almost impossible to find any information anywhere as to what materials they were made of. Almost like it was a trade secret or something. Some of the components in the manual I spent days, even weeks on, just trying to find some information about their composition.

    The harder the info was to come across the more determined I became to finding it. That’s one of the reasons it took two years to put everything together. Writing was easy, the research was a real challenge. if people want to use that info to become better at e-scrapping, then they are welcome to it. If they don’t, that’s not a problem either.


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    I’m starting with ICC’s. It seems like ebay is a better market than boardsort. I think I’m starting to look at boardsort as all else failed I’ll send this to boardsort. The main things I’m collecting now are crystals, tantalum caps, ICCS, and MLCCs. I started saving gold pins and fingers I haven’t trimmed any yet but I will once I get 50lbs. My scrap yard takes to boards so I’m set getting rid of the cherry picked items. I still strip the insulated wire, sell mixed computer wire, break down yokes, sell aluminum heat sinks and scrap sheet aluminum and keep the steel til I have a truck load. I get diffrent loads each time it’s crazy like yesterday we got 2 laptops 25 pounds of phone/computer chargers, 4 cameras, and 2 rear projection big screens. As of now it’s just pick up free stuff. My son and I created a side hobby called pinky’s E-Waste Recyling and metal salvage. We get several calls a week. And have routine pickups from electronic repair shops. There are so many components it’s crazy and your right the information is extremely hard to come by. I’d like to find a online forum that’s active in escrap this one isn’t lol. But your right at the end of the day business is business and what others do or don’t do is up to them.

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    >Daryl, Thanks, and I’m happy that you find it useful.

    If you have any questions or I can be of assistance in any way, please let me know

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      Janet Scott
      Janet Scott

      I have an super old IBM computer from the 80’s. Do you know of anyone who collects super old stuff like that or is it just scrap and if so is it worth scrapping? What about super old cell phones like the brick kind? Also I have some old CB radios that don’t look like they have much gold at all in them.

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      >Janet Scott, First, thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you like the manual. I hope you get a lot of use out of it.

      As for the IBM computer from the 80’s, does it still have a CPU in it? If so, take a picture of the processor and post it here, it could be worth a lot of money depending on what it is. Those old CPU’s are hot collectors items if you have the right one.

      Not sure if you know this, but the older computers, especially those from the 80’s have a lot more gold in them than the computers from the 90’s and up. Matter of fact, if you have the time and are interested, open the computer up and take some pictures of the MB and other components inside and post here. if you do that I can give you a better idea of just what you have, what it’s worth and the best place to sell it.

      Thanks again and if there is anything I can do to help just let me know.

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      Janet Scott
      Janet Scott

      No I did not know any of that! The computer has never been taken apart. I used to have the original sales slip for this it cost like $3000! I will take the pics and you can tell what you think. Thanks!

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      My first computer was an Apple Macintosh. they didn’t have hard drives back then and everything was run from a floppy. Payed right at $5000.00 for that Mac which was cutting edge at the time.

      Hard to imagine working from a 512K floppy now. Was a devoted Mac user for many years. When I finally made the move to Windows the OS was 98. Used windows for several years until I got fed up with having to pay an arm and a leg for every piece of software and getting robbed for virus protection that didn’t work very well anyway.

      Made the move to Linux 17 years ago and have looked never back or paid for another piece of software since, haven’t had a virus in 17 years either. Linux makes Windows look like kindergarten stuff.

      Anyway, sure wish I still had those old time computers now, those things are gold mines!

      I’ll keep an eye out for your pictures.

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      I really don’t get too many cell phones but I would guess that they might be a lot like old computers; the older they are the more gold. Again, that’s just a guess on my part.

      As far as the old CB Radios, if you want to open one up and take a few pictures I’ll be more than happy to give you a summary of what they contain.

      Remember this, when it comes to e-scrap and electronic components, they all have a value. You just need to learn what that value is and how you can profit from it.

      By the way, what part of the country do you live in? Reason I ask is the e-scrap market seems to be more robust in the northern states than it is down south.

      I have a friend in IOWA and the market for e-scrap is unbelievable up there. Does not matter what it is there is someplace local up there that will buy it.

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      Janet Scott
      Janet Scott

      I live in California, not far from beautiful downtown San Fernando, and every so lovely Hollywood. (You would be laughing right if you were local to either of these places)
      I haven’t taken apart the IBM yet. I had this packed with the IBM, its a Transpac Memory box. I guess from 1986. I didn’t take it completely apart because I don’t know if I would be able to get it back together. I will send pic of inside IBM later.

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      >Janet Scott, WOW, neveer seen that item before! I’ll say this for sure, from what little I can see the MB in that box is loaded!

      I modifed your picture and added numbers and arrows to it to explain what I see.

      #1- Those cable connector ends will all have gold pins in them, maks sure you cut the connectors off and save them so you can remove the gold pins from them later. Once the pins are free from the connector you can add them to your gold pin jar

      #2- The pins on the MB that the cable connectors fit over are also gold. These pins will have a 100% gold plating covering from end to end. Where they are anchored to the bord they will look like silver. this is because a silver bearing solder is used to connect them to the MB, Even thi=ough the ends look like silver, there is definateky gold under the silver so make sure you remove them from th MB and save them in a jar where you only have gold pins. I just sold 2 lbs of gold pins on ebay fro $25.99per lb.

      #3- These are also gold pins with a 100% gold plating. What I said for #2 also applies to these pins. One thing I want you to notice and that is on the top right had side of these pins there is a blue plastic thing-a-ma-jig that covers 4 or 5 of the pins. That’s a “Jumper Shunt” and inside of it there will also besome gold pins that connect to the ones on the board.

      #4- That, my dear, is a SMD Tantalum Capacitor. Definately remove it and save in a different jar where you only save black SMD Tantalum Caps. Once you have around 4 or 5 lbs. you can sell those to a refiner for somewhere between $25.00 to $60.00 per lb (depending where the market price is at the time you sell them)

      #5- Integrated Circuit Chip (ICC).. ICC’s have gold wiring inside that connect the different circuits together. That ICC is known as a “Quad ICC”, Quad meaning that it has connectors/legs on all 4 sides. remove and save all Quad ICC’s in a container by theirself.

      #6- Thos are known as “Gold Fingers”. Trim/cut those off the board and save in a different container for gold fingers only. When you trim thos from the board make sure that you cut them very tight to the board where there is little to no green board showing on the side of the fingers where you cut them free. Those bring a premium price on ebay because they are very easy to process and refine the gold tthey contain

      #7- Both of those are ICC’s and will have gold wiring inside them. That ICC is called a Dual Inline Package ICC (DIP ICC). Dual meaning that they have connectors/legs on 2 sides only. remove from the MB and save them in a different container for DIP ICC’s only

      #8- I really can’t get a good look at that Cap, but from what I see it looks like a “Silver Mica Capacitor” and has silver in it. Silver Mica Caps are not used very much today and have become somewhat of a collectible. Certain Silver Mica Caps are sough after by collectors and fetch a pretty good price on ebay. I can’t guarantee is a SMC, just can not see it good enugh to make that guarantee, but I would be willing to bet money it is!

      #8- Again, I really can’t get a good look at that Cap, but from what I see it looks like it might be another Tantalum Cap known as a “Ceramic Leaded Tantalum Cap”. One side on that cap will have writing and/or ID information on it. All Tantalum Caps are polarized and very sensu=itive to that poloraziation. One lead must connect to the positive terminal on the MB and the other must connect to the negative terminal. if they are not connected correctly they will immediately blow when the power is turned on, and they are not cheap! To make sure the installer knows which lead is positive and which is nebative, the positive lead will have a “+” on the ceramic shell above that lead. Not all Tantalum Caps will have a “+” on one end or themother BUT IF IT DOES HAVE A “+” ON IT, IT IS ALWAYS A TANTALUM CAP

      The Tantalum Cap labeled #4 is a SMD Tantalum Cap (SMD means Surface Mounted Device) AND Tantalum Caps may or may not have a “+” on one end, If there is no “+” it will have a solid bar or line on the positive end of it

      SMD (Surface Mounted Device( Tantalum Caps have a bar and/or stripe on the positive end; Leaded (through the hole mounted) Tantalum Caps will always have a “+” above the positive lead.

      That’s all I can see from what little of the MB I can see but I am willing to bet there are many more “goodies” all over that MB.

      If you decide to scrap it and remove the items I listed why don’t you take some more pictures of both sides of the MB once it’s free from the box and I let you know what other “treasures” are waiting for you to grab them.

      That’s really a nice MB!

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    Daryl what branch? And state do you live in now?

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    Ten years Navy, 18 years DAV.. Living in Arkansas

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    Janet Scott
    Janet Scott

    Wow!! What an awesome manual! This is exactly what I needed! You are the E-scrap God! Very well done. I am impressed. I can’t wait to spend more time learning what is what. I would just like to say “WOW” again. Thank you for taking the time to make this manual. You rock.

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    >Janet Scott, did some checking and boardsort.com is offering $9.00 per lb for clean cell phone boards.

    Here’s their defination of a clean cell phone board:

    A clean cellphone board is a circuit board from the inside of a cellphone. By clean we mean that you have removed the keypad, lcd screen and antennea.

    The foil button board is acceptable to leave on but not the plastic push buttons themselves.

    There should be no battery springs or clips or any metal RF sheilds attached to the boards. “

    ebay.com is averaging around $0.39 cents per board or around $8.89 per lb. Difference between ebay and boardsort is with boardsort YOU have to pay shipping, which eats into your profit pretty heavy. With ebay you can have the buyer pay for shipping

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    Thanks to everyone who downloaded and use the E-Scrap Parts Manual. Took a long time to put it together and knowing that people find it useful makes all the work worth it.

    I’m seriously considering adding another chapter or two to the manual to fill in a few more blanks. Every day is a learning experience and what good is knowledge if you don’t share it!

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    I downloaded your book. I love that you have colored pictures to help describe these pieces. I am new to the E-waste scrapping. I had to medical retire from the Disabled American Veteran due to my Service connected disabilities. I got started out boredom Scraping old Dell and Wang computers my Dad had setting around. Now I have two schools give me all of there outdated e waste. Your book will come in handy Thanks.



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