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    While aware of the introduction section, elsewhere on this forum, my focus is on e-scrap so those of this section are who I’m interested in interacting with for the most part.

    When I first began in e-scrap I was deluged in electronics of all discriptions , and turned a hobby into a nearly 7 day a week job for the past 4years.

    I am just now seeing the other side of what used to be a mountain of machines.

    In those 4 years I have mostly broke down and stock piled everything…..I did sell some wire once…..

    I still pic up a full load in my Cherokee each week, but no longer look for scrap. If I trip over it I’ll pic it up but ATM I am way way busier than I’d like to be.

    In amongst all the 3-4am nights I have devoured every bit of information I can locate and am now getting ready to get outfitted for refining. I’m sure I have enough to keep me busy for awhile, and am keeping my eye out for someone to mentor and turn the job of any new e-scrap over to them.

    It’s been a fun, interesting, infuriating,and fulfilling journey.

    My friends call me Walks, and look forward to checking in here regularly whether I post much or not.

    I am a retired loner living in Northern New Mexico on a totally offgrid piece of property, have hardly no bills and am debt free so I don’t have to worry so much about prices. When I sell, the market for that material will be acceptable or I’ll just continue to stock pile until they are…..or it becomes my heirs problem lol.

    BTW I have been quietly visiting the site for sometimes now and would like to thank everyone here who offers knowledge and guidance to others.

    While I still consider my knowledge base to be barely adequate, I am willing to share anything I can.

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    Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your valuable input

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    I appreciate the welcome. I have been lurking here for some months and have had opportunity to read many of your posts. I strive to be as totally self sufficient as possible so am constantly working on developing skills that enable me to be so. I rarely hire out anything. In all areas I am almost completely self taught so understand the great undertaking you have made to build a knowledge base that you are so graciously sharing here. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank and commend you for your generosity and am eager to do what’s in my power to reciprocate in any way I am able.

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