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    As you probably know, hard drives use aluminum for the base case, stainless steel for the top cover, the platters contain a platinum alloy (not much), the circuit boards are premium grade boards, the read/write heads tend to have a little gold and the magnets are a neodymium iron boron composite (NdFeB) with a nickel plating to protect them from corrosion.

    But what about the neodymium magnet bracket(s) that the magnets are attached to? Ever wonder what metals they contain and what their value is?

    Well, these brackets are very special superalloy alloy known as permalloy. Permalloy is a nickel–iron magnetic alloy. The ones in a hard drive are 81% Nickel, 17% Iron and 2% molybdenum and they should be scraped separate from other metals to get the best price

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