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    Anthony Morgan

    I am trying to findout how people would price buildings to scrap the metals in it. If i have done anything wrong by asking this i am very sorry. Im new and needing info. Thanks

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    Lisa Oliver Yates

    Are you wanting to have it done, or are you wanting to do it yourself ?
    Either way it’s basically Free, if you are wanting a building cleaned out or you are wanting to clean out buildings, then the scrapper will usually do the work and his/her pay for cleaning will be the trip too the scrap yard

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    >Anthony Morgan, sorry you haven’t received too many reply’s to your question, and NO, you haven’t done anything wrong by asking that question. Unfortunately the reason no one has responded is your question in general. Let me explain.

    You see Anthony your question is just too general and lacks any specifics. Questions like those that follow will need to be answered first:

    ***Are you trying to put together a bid on a project for demolition of a building and you want to get a reasonable idea of how much you can recoup in scrap metals from the project?
    ***Or are you trying to figure out if you can offer to take a building down at no cost too the owner and turn a profit from the scrap metals you recover?
    ***Or are you the owner of a building and trying to get and idea of what value all the metal used in the construction of the building is worth as scrap?

    As you can see Anthony there a several unknowns that all have some bearing on the answer to your question.

    But wait, there is much more missing information that you need to provide before anyone can give you a reasonable answer to your question. For instance:

    ***What type of a building are you talking about?
    ***Is it a cast in place concrete construction structure? If so, how many stories?
    ***How much of the space is windowed?
    ***What is the function of the building, what’s it used for?
    **Is it a typical brick and mortar structure? Single story or multi-stories?
    **What type of heating and air conditioning system is employed in the buildings construction?
    ***Is the building for residential, commercial, or industrial use?
    ***Is the building a military or aerospace facility?
    ***Where is the building located?
    ***How accessible is the building?
    ***What type of heavy equipment (if any) will be required to demolish the building? Will any type of specialty equipment be necessary?
    ***What country is the building located in?

    And there are many more questions that need to be addressed before anyone can give you a reasonable response to your question and they all have a direct bearing on the answer.

    It’s sorta like if I ask you, “How much will you charge me to paint my building Anthony?” No way you can give me an answer until you get more information. Things you would need answers to like:

    ***How big is your building?
    ***Do you need the inside and outside both painted?
    ***What type of material; are the walls made from?
    ***How may coats of primer do you want?
    ***What about the paint? Do you need cheap, off-the-shelf paint or a top of the line special mix paint?
    ***What is the building going to be used for and will the buildings function require any special paint?
    ***Where is the building located and will any special precautions need to be taken to protect the building exteriors paint from exposure to harsh weather conditions?
    ***When will you need the work preformed, summer or winter?

    And a long list of other questions you will need answered before you can quote me a price to paint my building.

    Are you starting to see why no one can help you with your question at this time? You just have not provided near enough information, too many variables that all have a bearing on providing any type of reasonable answer what-so-ever.

    If you would like to ask your question again and provide more information I’m sure someone will try and give you an answer. Without more information an answer to your question is impossible.

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