Identify this wire stripper. Need blades.

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    Hello to everyone here. I am new and need some help. Purchased this wire stripper maybe 3 or 4 years back on e-bay and need blades for it. At the time I purchased many extras but none of them are sharp. The seller is gone and the only connection left is an email which was sent with the machine. All of my e-mails have gone unanswered. Please, can anyone help me get some good sharp blades for this machine. Don’t want to buy a new one.

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    Check your city for businesses that do blade sharping

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    Rick Stat

    It’s hard to tell by the picture how large the blade is, but you could look in the plumbing dept. at a big box store or plumbing supply for replacement pipe cutter blades. The second thing to try would be to make a jig and sharpen them yourself. Since you don’t need a finely honed edge and you say you have many blades, try one.

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    Jon Dennis

    I dont know if they will work but the replacement blades for some of coppermine’s strippers look close
    Replacment Blade for CopperMine's Manual Wire Stripper Model 301

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