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    John Floyd

    Recently I got an email stating you guys updated the web site here. That’s really great… but honestly… I’m still pretty disappointed in you guys.

    That iPhone App is horrible to use. It’s practically useless.

    First off… get rid of that screen Start Using iScrap App. I already loaded the app… it’s obvious I want to use it.

    2 Get rid of the bar that has scrap yard and auto wrecker options. This is precious screen real estate and you are wasting it. Not to mention you have ZERO representation for e-scrappers and yards that take e-scrap.

    This brings me to another peeve. Why don’t you allow for national pricing for escrap to be represented as well?

    The absolute worse thing about this app is that I can NOT report prices! Everytime I have to wait till I get home and get on the computer to report.

    See the screen shot where I have a yard selected… seriously just make a long tap option that lets me report prices for that yard.

    And my last issue is this… There needs to be a more streamlined way to report new yards and closing in our area. That being said you guys need to be more proactive about keeping this up to date.

    I realize you guys are in NJ… but you have created something that is at the minimum national now… what good is it if people can’t actually find other new yards or know that others have closed. I thought the whole idea was to help scrappers get the best price for their stuff.

    Also make the forums available to mobile users. There should be nothing your app can do that your web site can

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    Hello John,

    First off, I want to thank you for being an iScrap App user. Secondly, I really appreciate getting feedback from you so that I can address some of the frustrations that you and other users are having with our current iPhone and Android app.

    Before I give some further information, I wanted to let you know that we are currently doing research and work on getting an updated app in the app store to solve many issues, you may be having and give you a better app for your resources. We know that the app is VERY outdated and it is frustrating for our team as well, unfortunately our business model has brought our focus to the website development more recently, as it used more often by more users, so we have been keeping it up to date more than the app.

    With that being said, we understand that you want to see more information from e-scrap recyclers and prices to go along with those materials. The e-scrap industry is difficult to find reputable dealers and buyers, and instead of posting possible spam companies we have allowed e-scrap companies to approach us to be listed and list their prices after we have learned more about their companies. This is a long term solution so that scrappers like yourself are not being scammed for sending materials in. But we will be sure to find some new resources to approach to make this a better solution for scrappers like yourself.

    As for the app being able to report prices, that is one of the main concerns and action items we are working on for you to be able to use the report price feature in the app. So do not fear, we will be having that feature on our next update.

    I would be happy to hear any more of your suggestions and anyone else’s. Please feel free to email me:

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