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    Today, while reading different articles on a few recyclers websites I stumbled across a list of different items that the e-scrapper should always be on the lookout for. It’s a pretty good list so I thought I would share it with all of my friends on this forum.

    I hope you find it useful

    -Air Conditioners*
    -Appliances, including gas and electric stoves, clothing washers and dryers, and dishwashers*
    -Audio equipment, including components and speakers*
    -Automotive components and accessories*
    -Cable and satellite television equipment*
    -Cell phones*
    -Coffee makers and electrical hot pots
    -Computers – including older desktops and laptops of all kinds*
    -Computer peripherals, including monitors, modems, and keyboards*
    -Construction and industrial equipment*
    -Cutlery and flatware
    -Digital and film cameras*
    -Electrical equipment of all kinds, including wall clocks, answering machines, humidifiers, and GPS units*
    -Electrical toys and games
    -Fax machines*
    -Home alarm equipment*
    -Home wiring, breaker boxes, circuit breakers, and other electrical equipment
    -Hot tubs and spas
    -Industrial equipment
    -Lamps and light fixtures
    -Landscape lighting and transformers
    -Metal and metal-plated windows and window frames
    -Metallic paints
    -Musical instruments and equipment, including electric guitars, -keyboards and amplifiers*
    -Opening systems for fences and gates*
    -Photographic and x-ray film
    -Plumbing parts
    -Power tools
    -Remote controls*
    -Stereo components*
    -Telephones and telephone equipment*
    -Televisions and related components, including VCRs, DVD players, and outdoor antennas*
    -Toasters and toaster ovens
    -Water heaters and water softeners

    * Note that items marked with an asterisk (*) may contain circuit boards with gold that can be recycled and reclaimed

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    Nancy L

    Morning Darksky1x! Thanks for the list; looks like your sky is lighter and brighter today! (Did your team win last night?!)

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    Thanks Nancy L. I appreciate the kind words. Every day is a beautiful day! Actually i don’t watch football anymore. I used to be fanatical about the sport but that was many years back.

    You see Nancy L, I used drink a pint of Smirnoff every night when I was in business. Seemed to be the only way I could get the business off my mind and get to sleep for a few hours. At least that’s what I use to tell my self, I now know that was just an excuse. Since I was working seven days a week I was drinking seven days a week. .

    But, after years of drinking I started to feel the effects of it and realized that If I did not stop I would probably be dead in a year. So, I gave it up. Wasn’t easy, but once I set my mind to something I’m pretty good at following through.

    That was 21 years ago and I’ve been sober ever sense. So why did I tell you (and the world) this?

    Simple, I found that many of the things I was so passionate about were directly tied to drinking, football was one of them. So, when I quit drinking I also lost the passion for football.

    It took several years but little by little I developed new passions that had nothing to do with drinking. E-scrap is one of those passions.

    Poetry is another one of my passions and around 12 years back I had a book of poems published. Mistake I made was choosing the wrong publisher who screwed me (and several other authors) over royally! Took a class action suit to finally get the rights to my book back.

    Anyway, thanks again for you kind words and I hope you have a fantastic week!

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