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    I’ve ran into laptop batteries several times. Not huge loads, but maybe 30lbs here and there…

    My local scrap yard buys them for .35/lb.

    • Is this a fair price?
    • Any suggestions on the going rate in central Florida, or east coast?
    • Any suggestions for a better outlet?


    Thanks in advance,


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    That sounds like a pretty fair price for batteries. You are lucky that you have found a yard that buys them in the first place. There are a lot of yards that don’t buy them at all.

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    I concur…just yesterday I had to bring a bucketful if them back with me because my yard doesn’t take them. They did, however, take my laptops for scrap. I have found there is too much work for too little reward in laptops…
    Just my .02

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      Jay Dutil

      To the post above:

      I find your post ironic looking at your username.

      Desktops are king, but laptops are a close second.

      Motherboards sell for average 2.5 to 4 bucks a pound, gold finger ed cards (almost always the RAM cards) are around 10 bucks a pound…

      And yards pay you what, like .15-.40 cents per pound for the whole complete laptop? Totally worth the 15 or so minutes it takes to pull out the cards. High grade circuit boards have some of the highest returns by a weight in the whole game.

      Regarding Li-Ion batties:
      It kills me how picky buyers are for these. They will buy Laptop and Cell Phone batteries, but not the Li-Ion batteries themselves. For those who don’t know, a laptop battery is just a 6 cell Li-Ion batty. This means it’s just a plastic housing containing 6 18650 sized Li-Ion batteries, which are sold individually all over the place for use in many applications, mainly e-cigs, flashlights and (high end) lasers pointers. I have a bucket full of the individual batteries that i can’t sell, but if they had a bunch of plastic around them, I could? Li-Ion is Li-Ion….

      Most Li-Ion battery buyers will also buy NiCad and NiMH batteries too, but not for nearly as much.

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    Out of the two yards I go to, one buys NiCAD batteries but no other Batts

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    jason swallow
    jason swallow

    Ive got about 2 _5gallon buckets full.

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    Trey LaParque
    Trey LaParque

    Ive just tossed em with the sheet tin/short iron but I only have a few here & there, not enough worth to shop around for prices.

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    John Floyd
    Participant has these for .70$ a lb currently.

    “Li-Ion Laptop Only Batteries (Must say Li-Ion!) (Tape over any exposed battery terminals!) $0.70 per pound”

    Boardsort Price list

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    Boardsort.Com is paying .70 a lb for laptop batts, .25 for cell phone batteries. However with Boardsort.Com remember shipping… you need a lot of batts to make it worth it.
    My local yard is buying nicads for .70/lb and lead acid batts for $5-20 a piece

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    Hello Y’all,

    Im working for a electronic recycling company in Houston, Texas. We buy
    most E-waste, and the price are more than reasonable.

    Like laptop batteries, its $0.80/lb. if you are in Houston area, you can contact
    me at


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    jason swallow
    jason swallow
    Participant currently is pricing lab top li-ion batteries for $1.35

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    It seems hardly worth the effort of sending them off to board sort after paying for shipping. I had a bucket full that would have cost a good 50 or sixty dollars I imagine to ship via USPS. Maybe more. How about those little L ions inside computers? How can you test if they are still good, who takes them, and are they explosive? I have a small drawer full of them I was wondering about.

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      DJ Donnelly

      See how many you can get into a USPS large flat rate box cost for that is no more than 19.00.

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    Hey guys,

    Am an Erecycler based in Lagos state of Nigeria. I collect, cell phone lithium batteries as well as laptop batteries.
    We also collect scrap cell phones.

    Is anyone interested or have a company to suggest to me in the US?

    Thanks in advance
    IG @cademics_erecycler
    Facebook: cademics E-recycler

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    pawan bawa

    We buy lithium ion batteries for recycling. kindly mail at below mentioned id.


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    At first none of the yards would buy batteries. However that seems to be slowly changing as more an more yards start to realize they can turn a buck from them. Same goes for all e-scrap, slowly but surely the yards are starting to cash in on the resource.

    The real question is are they paying a decent price for batteries and e-scrap. Most are still on the low end of the scale, some better than others.

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