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    I spend a lot of time researching e-scrap related information online. Truth is, when I decide to do something first thing I do is try to learn everything I possibly can about what I am trying to do or achieve.

    Over the course of the last few years I have stumbled across countless reference documents, tutorials and different “How-To’s” all in .pdf file format all relating to e-scrap. All of these different documents were instrumental in my understanding the impact that the e-scrap industry would have on the scrap industry and the information and knowledge they provided helped me understand how one could profit from e-scrap when applying it to the scrap industry as a whole.

    I believe that those who are serious about profiting from e-scrap will find true value is these different resources. I also believe that by attaching all of those different documents to one thread not only will they be easy to locate in the future but will also be easier more convenient for the scrapper when they choose to download them

    I’m going to start off with 27 different resources as attachments for downloading. However due to the size limitations the forum imposes for attachments to threads it is going to require several different “replies” to this thread, each with one or more attachments, to get them all included.

    If any of you scrappers have any documents or attachments you think would be beneficial to other scrappers then feel free to make a reply and include the document or attachment you want to share.

    OK, lets get started!

    I have 7 very good documents dealing with component identification. I’ll attach 4 to this post and the remaining 3 to the reply that follows

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    Here’s the remaining 3 documents dealing with component identification

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    The next 6 attachments are all about cables and cable connectors. Again, due to attachment size limitations I will will include 2 attachments to this reply and finish up with the last 4 in the next reply

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    Now, the next 4 attachments are all about cable connectors and port print-outs. I realize that most of you will not find the information on the print-outs very useful, HOWEVER, the next 4 documents will provide you with a picture/drawing of what each different cable connector and/or port connector actually looks like.

    These attachments include every type of connector end and/or port end that exist in the industry. They leave nothing out and are the most complete and accurate assembly of connector ends you will ever come across anywhere!

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    The following 3 attachments tell you everything you need to know about semiconductors and plastics that you will encounter while working in the e-scrap industry and how their chemical make-up differs

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    The following 4 attachments are all about the different metal;s you will encounter when e-scrapping and how to go about identifying these different metals

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    The next 2 attachments are all about gold and other precious metals used in the different electronic components and how to recover/refine these PM’s

    **NOTE: the book, “Refining Precious Metal Wastes” by Hoke is considered the “Holy Grail” of the refining industry and required reading for any and all who are considering the recovery/refining of PM’s from e-scrap.

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    OK those are some of the best of the best I can offer you to help you better understand and prepare for the e-scrap industry

    I have 2 more documents I will add to this list tomorrow, however 1 is about 4 times larger than the max size an attachment my be when added to a forum thread. The second document is massive, almost 300 M’s and far exceeds the attachment size limits.

    Both of these documents will be provided as a “link” that directs you to my site where you can then view and download each document is you so choose.

    I hope all of you will not only find value in the attachments I have included but will also appreciate the convenience of being able to find and download all of the documents in one place/thread of the forum. If you do, please let me know .. AND, if you don’t think any of the attachments are useful and a complete waste of time then, please tell me that also. The only way I can be effective when trying to help others is if I know what is working and what is not working.

    As long as you tell me what you really think I promise to take what you say to heart!

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      Thanks I will be adding them to my library.

      Thanks again
      Faulkner E-waste

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    Man Darksky1x,you rock!

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    Not to be nit picky, but I think you mean “bible” rather than “holy grail” concerning Hoke’s book. I’ve read it three times at least.

    Thanks again for all the great information.

    You might want to direct people to the official gold refining forum, where you can download a copy of the Hoke book for free.

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      Nope, the term is Holy Grail, not holy bible.

      And why should anyone go anywhere else to download Hokes book when I have offered it for free here? Sorry, but your statement makes no sense at all

      Actually I talked about the site you suggested I refer people too in the following thread. You might be interested in reading it.


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    The Potentiometer Handbook Users Guide by Carl David Todd

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    The Metallurgist and Chemists Handbook by Donald Ladell

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    This next attachment is a great document that will help answer a lot of the questions regarding MLCC’s (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors) that some of you may still have

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    oops sorry about that. I didn’t notice you had a link to download the book. However I still think most people would call a reference book the “bible” rather than the “holy grail”. “Holy grail” I would think refers to something elusive you search for, like a particular resistor type.

    Thanks again for all this information anyway.
    I am an idiot.

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      There are many different holy bibles; there’s only one holy grail!

      Hence the term “Holy Grail”

      And I disagree, by no means are you an idiot!

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    Here’s one we all need to have! It’s put out by the ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries). It’s titled, “Scrap Specifications Circular 2016” and is the Guidelines for Nonferrous Scrap, Ferrous Scrap, Glass Cullet, Paper Stock, Plastic Scrap, Electronics Scrap and
    Tire Scrap with detailed descriptions of all different categories.


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    God, you are one of the most well-organised, thorough searchers I have (e-)met in my life. I am a perfectionist myself but..maybe I need to think again. I will definitely donate.

    Rafael Brown
    E-scrapper from Greece

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    Thanks rafaelbrown, appreciate the complement!

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