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    I’ve found that my most valuable tool has definitely been talking to everyone about my service.

    An example of this is last month, a fellow came to my property to purchase some firewood from me. During helping him cut logs and load we began talking about baseball and the fact that he actually works for ESPN and said he would be working the Little League World Series as a camera guy behind home plate! Well my kids love baseball and he offered me a full ESPN family pass.

    When I went to the stadiums to meet up with him to get a tour of their back lot facilities I couldn’t help but notice the thousands of pounds of wire, cable and such laying everywhere so I HAD to ask. “What do you guys do with this when the games are over”? He tells me oh they toss it in the dumpsters!!!
    Well that I couldn’t have so I asked if he could arrange a meeting of sorts with the operations manager. Which he did, and that lead to the back of my ford excursion filled with cat3,5,6 cable at the end of the games along with a media tent that didn’t make it through the games. I just talked and it lead to a great opportunity which now put me in charge of the recycling for ESPN llws scrap from this year and all the coming years!

    You never know who you’ll meet but always talk about your service.

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    wires n lights

    Are you doing it the old school way where you have the private owned space to store it all until the values increase?

    Or are you doing it the modern blue light special way and getting rid of it as fast as you can?

    just curious


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    That point is moot, we are here to discuss scraping, not hoarding.

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    Lol Adam I’ve got 132 acres so I’ve got tons of space for “hording”… You should see my barn! Full of antiques and sellable items for auctions but my cable is stored in plywood coffins in my personal scrapyard lol noooooo point in selling right now I would rather keep stocking up and sorting for a comeback in prices. Then I’ll call in the roll off trucks to take it all away and start again 😜

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    wires n lights

    I found that when I researched so called hoarding, that what I found was mostly BAD. That it was done by people that were “mentally challenged”.

    I myself am what could be called a professional collector of curious & interesting curios & collectibles.

    I just happen to Live in my own private salvage yard that has always been closed to the public at large. I view my measly 10 acres as my home from border to border. I do not view what I have as a business as my Life is about making my work and my play one and the same.

    We ALL Live in our own personal little worlds that WE create with our free will choices of what we choose to believe and what we choose to deny.

    I choose to trust & believe in myself first and deny the superstitious inspired concepts from renting any space in my head.

    So when it comes to the topic of hoarding, I mostly view it as my personal

    401K o’tay

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    Nothing measly about ten acres! I’m just happy to be able to hide my yard just beyond the tree line where no one can see lol and yes I too consider it my own personal 401k I just happen to invest totally in metals. I wish every scrapper had the ability to have the space to save and save. Little bits of money is ok, big piles though are more helpful

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    wires n lights

    When I bought my property a little over 30 years ago the price for crushed cars was about $5.00 a ton. Then the next big raise was $20.00, then $80.00 and so on. It would also go down between those prices,
    But it always goes up more then it goes down over time.

    I never looked for scrap, I would seek salvage & basically what others wanted rid of that I saw a value in overall.

    I have many junk vehicles around the yard that are filled with stuff of many sorts. Tax free storage is how I always viewed it. My property taxes are what could be called very low when most others tax bill is a large sum of money when you look at what you get for the investment.

    I find the concept of renting long term storage space a waste of good funds. I will on very rare occasion rent storage space short term when it seems the best value for what I require it for.

    I do plenty of thinking on most everything that involves my Life.

    measure twice and cut once.

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    not saying hoarding and / or mental challenged are bad things as i sit on just lowely 5 acres with many seperate piles awaiting sale but most things copper, being my bread and butter, i cannot finacailly allow to sit idle but although that particular pile has a higher turn over rate i find that has helped me to find said copper even more often and in ever more obscure and odd locations you would think about normally for example most yards will buy several things some wouldnt of as copper bearing i just took in load of circuit breakers as low grade copper bearing material even after removing the exterior obvious copper, brass and/or aluminum

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    Billy Stanley

    I think you all make wonderful points and im in the process of finding 2-10 ac myself so I have more room for my 401k

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    Around here ten acres will be worth in the millions. Might think of scrapping your measly parcel too.

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    My hubby calls it “hoarding,” but due to the negative connotations, I prefer “avid collector.” 😜

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