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    My cousin has been doing HVAC work for 20 something years and is licensed. A few months back I needed a job so he hired me to help him, pretty much as a gopher. I didn’t know much about scrapping yet, but I did know that the old furnaces, condensers and coils from change outs were worth money. He has always just set them beside the dumpster at the place he works for. I asked if I could start taking them and saving them to take to the scrap yard one day. He told me he doesn’t want to fool with it, but I could take it and store it and break it all down and he would take it to the yard and get the check and give me the money. Well, to make a long story short, I found out my own cousin is quite a low down sorry individual. I won’t get into detail, but I found out he and the mother of my child were trying to get a little thing going. I took every thing I had been saving up and cut my ties with him. Now I have several hundred pounds of clean radiators and ends (I cleaned them all myself) that I can’t take to the scrap yard because I am not licensed. I don’t trust anyone enough to offer a cut of the payout because they would have to get the check in their name and I may never see them again. I have put them on letgo and the highest offer I have gotten is 60 dollars. There is no way I am letting all of this hard work go for that little when I know it’s worth so much more. The only other solution I could think of was to obtain an HVAC license. The problem is that I do not want to spend so much time and money on getting certified for a job that I’m not interested in. Is there any alternatives to an HVAC license that would be accepted by the scrap yard? Or a way to obtain certification free online by testing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in Mississippi by the way.

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    Here in California. Unless u find someone with a contracting license to cash u out or u weigh it itself and reduce the price to a personal buyer ur screwed….become friends with someone on the inside… lol

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    Nancy L

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m in FL and just thought you needed a Letter from a licensed HVAC person/company stating they removed the freon etc for you and you can take that letter with you to the scrap yard along with your scrap, yourself.? No middle man; unless your state just has different law. Hope this shows up in bigger print than what I’m seeing on my end!

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