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    I been scrapping since I been 5 started out helping my dad after he got off of work then as I got older it was the best thing my dad ever taught me how to do. The extra money earned from it has helped me out a lot over the years. Now being a sub contractor I get alot more scrap then I ever have before and now it feels like a second full time job for me. Anyways all the years I been scrapping there’s a lot of times come across stuff that need to knock out rivets or pins out of to get apart so I was always having to drill holes into a piece of wood to be able to do this but the wood would break after a lot of uses. Anyways I was given a engine out of a car to scrapping I broke it all down the block has been in the scrap pile a lot of times to be hauled in but I would end up pulling it out to use the holes in it to knock a rivets out or a pin to take something apart. Now that I been getting scrap to do everyday the scrap engine block has became one of my most used homemade tool I have ever received so next time you turn a piece of scrap in for a few extra dollars think outside the box that piece may actually be useful to help you make a lot more $$$$

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    Nancy L

    Neat…although a BIG tool! LOL I’m always thinking, oh yea I could make something out of this, but that stuff adds up quick and you finally say well maybe next time, I need to haul this stuff in now. But yea for those who have the room and the know how …recyle for new use!

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