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    Rudy Muscetta

    Would this go as No 1 I’ve got quite a lot left to strip and will be doing it regardless!

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    At my yard that would be number one copper.

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    After looking carefully at your picture I noticed there seems to be some foreign objects in the bag. You can see them at the top and bottom of the bag underneath the stripped wire. They have a yellowish tint too them. They appear to be “Yellow Brass. If so make sure you remove them from the stripped wire and turn that material in separately

    Clearly they can’t be copper, not with that color. What are they? In any case make sure you remove from the bag before you turn your material in.

    YB pays a lot less that C&B or #!. If you turn the YB in mixed with the C&B or #1 the yard will downgrade your entire load to YB. That will cost you a lot of money and you will end up making a post to this forum complaining about how the yard took advantage of you and ripped you off. You have been warned, how you choose to proceed is entirely up too you

    Too answer your question, NO most yards classify clean, stripped wire in a different categorize called “Clean and Bright”. Most of the time a yard will pay a few pennies more for “clean and Bright” then they will for #1. I say most of the time, a lot of yards will still classify the material as “Clean and Bright” but pay the same for C&B as they do #1

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