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    Hello all, I was getting pretty good at the scrap thing, even the guy at the scale said how organized and clean it was. It was a pick up truck load, of all my specialty metals as i call it, been saving it up for pay day. I had everything written down in my little book, the scrap i was turning in that is. Very little steel but forgot a couple small things so had to back on the scale. long story short, got my check, looking at it seemed way less than what i thought it to be, but it was 5:00 so went home. because of the fact that i went back on the scale again, there was 214 lbs of weight unaccounted for. seemed to be all my copper wire. long story short, called, boss on vaca, went there 3 times, the 3rd time i waited half the day in the yard for him to return. (I called before i left home, he was there.) I still had not even cashed the check.
    It was all there in black and white, and still he would not give me what was mine, my money for my copper wire, it could not have been any more clear or proof, with the receipt from them, my notes, the scale guy remember me, and the wire, the owner/boss ended up giving me about 1/4 of what it should have been. Now this scrap yard in kitsap county did not have to handle my scrap again, they were going to make a buck off me, which is fine, i don’t have a problem with that. And i had learned the hard way on some other things that they could have told me, cuz i had been loyal to them, bringing them some good stuff, but getting shit pay cuz 3 pieces of a truck load of no.1 steel was over 4′ long, my fault, i learned, what but when they straight out, basically stole it from me, not that i was scraping every week but trying to do my part and recycle to cut down on the garbage, the throw away world we live in. I’m done scrapping, sad. but done. the moral of the story is: “long story short” is not really correct! ha ha! thanks!

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    Hate that for you. We don’t make hardly anything for what we do and to get ripped off blatently on top of it makes it hard to keep scrapping. I have to go to the “giant” yards because of this problem and have to deal with their not taking stuff or grading it differently than what I would have. But the smaller yards ripped me off with their “off” scales and dirty rules. Hopefully you have another yard nearby that makes it worth driving too to keep selling your scrap.

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    That’s the pits that you had too experience that. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the scrap metal industry. Just when you think you have actually found a scrap yard that you can trust; one that is different from the rest; and let your guard down for one second, they stick it too you as deep as they can shove it in!

    The yards know that they can rip you off and get away with it because there is always some new, unsuspecting scrapper just waiting to “cash in” on that “easy money” from all the old metal junk they have laying around. It’s a real shame the yards have to operate on the “shady side” but that is the nature of the beast.

    The golden rule of the day, “Stick it too your customer before they stick it too you” is ALWAYS their first rule of the day! In the future, keep your guard up.

    Here’s an article you should read that outlines many of the “sneaky tricks” the yards like to pull on scrappers

    Sneaky Tricks

    Sorry for your problems and I know this don’t help much, but consider it the cost of your “scrapper” education. We all pay the price sooner or later

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    Christopher Davis

    I’ve been lucky to find a good yard. I go to Sims in trenton, NJ, and I won’t go anywhere else. Anyhoo I made the rookie mistake of not getting a price upfront a few months ago. I was picking up 2 truckloads worth in Doylestown pa, and took the first load to a yard over there. I got 2.50 per hundred, and would’ve gotten 5.00 in trenton NJ at the time. Luckily, I only gave them a few big pieces, and saved the good stuff for sims.

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    Michael Scott

    Unfortunately, This type of behavior isn’t isolated to only the scrap metal industry.
    It’s everywhere, A global epidemic. Truly sad to see society/humanity act so selfish and dishonest. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and I would have never dreamed people would act the way they do today. I’m pretty sure it all starts up there with the leaders of our country.
    A little advice… Don’t sell at quitting time, the day before any major holiday and always get a quote.
    Getting burned or ripped off is a drag but that’s how I learned. I’m embarrassed to say it, But it happened to me more than once or twice. I once got stung for over $8000.00 day before thanksgiving !!!
    scrapping is like a bad habit, it’s almost impossible to successfully quit once you get bit.
    You just gotta do a little more work by being cautious and defensive. good luck and have fun

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    I agree, now a days it seems people are trying to “get over” on everyone and want everything for free and not willing to work for it.

    I’ve gotten burned a couple times recently while scrapping too. Once taking stuff to a shredder and just last wk at a scrap yard ive used a dozen times and never had a problem at.
    I scrap mostly escrap as a hobby, to keep it out of the landfills. There is only one yard close to me that takes electronics, so unless i want to store it and drive 6 hrs each way, im at their mercy. The prices are already extremely low, but i still took a load of floppy, and disc drives along with several hundred pounds of computer wire, and heat sinks. The
    Stuff was weighed before going so i knew exactly what i had.
    Not only were the weights off by a hundred pound but it wasnt placed in the right categories. Needless to say, i will not be returning there any time soon.
    I have a yard just a few blocks from me that has great prices, always close to top rate nationally. But they do not take electronics.
    So it seems i need to put the extra time into total tear down and board removal to take there and store the boards for the shredder.
    My gain on the wire wouldve been atleast 30-40 cents a pound more times a few hundred pound.

    It seems the yard i used is able to individually set the prices to what they want to. I pulled a few receipts from the garbage can after i got my cash from their atm, and an earlier customer was paid 25 cents more a pound for the same wire classified as 50-55% insulated copper wire.

    My first dozen trips to that yard i was very pleased with my payment, although each of those times i was accompanied by my brother or a male friend. Dont know if this was a factor or not, but do know i will not be returning there.

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    It is a shame but it is also the nature of the beast. I weigh everything before I turn it in. I also go to great lengths to separate all scrap per category.

    A couple of good things to remember,

    1) Always demand to see the weights as the attendant is weighing the items. Most yards will try to turn the scales so you can not see the weight but it is your right to view the item weights as they weigh them. DO NOT BE TIMID AND AFRAID TO ASK THEM TO TURN THE SCALES SO YOU CAN SEE THEM! The yards rely on that fear to manipulate the weights. If they refuse, pull your scrap and take it elsewhere

    2) If you are using boxes and/or buckets to carry your scrap in ALWAYS write the weight of the box or bucket on the outside of it, i.e. “Box weight 1 lb.” or “Bucket weights 1.5 lbs”. AND make sure that you point it out to the attendant. Tell them, “the weight of the bucket is on the outside.

    3) Another good (better) trick is to take a piece of cardboard and write on it what the box or bucket contains, i.e. ” #2 copper, total weight 25 lbs, box weight 1 lb.” and when the item is set on the scale point out the cardboard too the attendant and tell them up front that if that disagree with the weight or classification to tell you up front so you can pull that item. DON’T EVER LET THEM WEIGHT THE ITEM AND CARRY IT OFF BEFORE YOU HAVE CONFORMATION THAT THEY AGREE WITH THE WEIGHT AND CLASS OF SCRAP, IF YOU DO, YOU’RE SCREWED!

    4) ALWAYS call ahead to the yard you are going to and do a price check before you go there. Make sure to get the name of the person who qouted you the prices also. NEVER GO TO ANY YARD TO SELL SCRAP UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR THE SCRAP YOU ARE SELLING ON THAT DAY! NEVER!

    There are other precautions you can take to make sure you are treated fairly. The key is DON’T BE INTIMIDATED AND LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT! It’s your scrap, not theirs! Not until they pay for it and no one says you HAVE to sell it to them. And don’t let the attendant try and hurry you through. You don’t want to unnecessarily delay the process but you definitely don’t want the attendant to push your items through before you and they agree to the weight and classification

    Bottom line, take control of the process, do not let the yard control the process. If the yard is honest and up front, they will not object; if the are looking to screw you, they will yell like a hit dog!

    You have rights, demand they respect those rights!

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