Somebody, tell me please, what in the H$?? is wrong with the scrap buyers here?

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    I was searching for an outlet for the large amount of PC/ABS Plastic I have collected from the computers I recycle and I came across something that really puzzled me and I was hoping some of your scrapers out there might be able to help out.

    I noticed that in the last month or so all of the scrap yards in the area I live in have suddenly removed their scrap prices from online and now want you to jump though hoops to get a current price for your scarp before you bring it to their yard. Now, don’t misunderstand, at no time did ALL of the scrap yards ever list their metal prices online. Fact is, there are dozens of scrap yards within a reasonable drive from my house and there were only a small hand full that did put their prices online. The vast majority want you to call for current prices. Now I don’t have a problem with calling, that is I would not have a problem with calling if they would actually answer the phone when I did call. Instead their machine picks up and says “If you need scrap prices leave a name and number and we will return your call ASAP.”

    Right, they will return my call ASAP, so they expect me to set by the phone and patiently wait for the time when they don’t have anything else to do and decide to call me. SC&$@ THAT! Whether they know it or not my time is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than their time. Besides, I never was very good at tricks and jumping through hoops is NOT a trick I do well!

    But now it looks like all of my local yards got together and decided to train all of the scrapers in my area so we become good little scrappers and jump through the hoops any time they so desire. Makes me so mad I see green!

    Then, tonight, while looking for a plastic outlet I stumbled across the darnedest thing; listing after listing of current scrape yard prices from all over this country, more than I could even read! From the north to the south; from the east to the west; from small towns; from large towns. Everywhere but where I live in the Richmond, VA area. Scrap yard after scrap yard, posting daily their undated scrap prices. Scrap yard after scrap yard intelligent enough to realize that its a heck of a lot easier and less time consuming to do a daily online update than it is to do dozens and dozens of daily call backs for customers looking for updated prices. I’m starting to think that the Richmond, VA area has some of the dumbest scrap yard owners in the whole country. I know that’s strong but they must be dumb if they can’t figure out that multiple daily callbacks eat up a lot more time than a simple daily online update! Then again, perhaps they never figured out how to use a computer!

    But guess what, I know what their game really is; by not posting prices online they allow their self “wiggle room” to quote different prices to different scrapers. Instead of taking an honest and open approach to their business they have opted to not treat everyone the same. They try to be sneaky and dishonest in their dealings with the public and manipulate their prices on a scraper by scraper basics. “I’ll tell this guy $2.10 a pound for “clean and bright copper” because he sounds like he’s been around, but this other guy sounds like a young, inexperienced kid who has not been around the block yet so I’ll tell him the price is $1.90 a pound for “clean and bright”. He will never know the difference!”

    Where I come from we have a word for people that operate their business in this fashion, we call them “CROOKS”. But, then again, I guess that’s par for an industry (at least in the Richmond, VA area) that tries to swindle their customer each and every time they have occasion to deal with them (I have another post on this site that goes into great detail describing the different tricks the scrap yards in this area use to swindle us scrapers. If you haven’t read it, YOU SHOULD!).

    So my question to all of you scrapers on this site is two fold:
    1) do any of the yards where you live post prices online?
    2) Have any of your local yards engaged in the same type of low-life, dishonest tricks I outlined in my previous post in an attempt to swindle you out of a few dollars each time you use their services?

    And if you happen to own a scrap yard in the Richmond, Va area and are also a member of this site and forum user, I would really like to hear what you have too say. That is, if you’re not too embarrassed and ashamed of the dishonest way you conduct your business to respond.

    There it is, the gauntlet has been cast! Do you dare to pick it up?

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    A lot of scrap yards do this here in Greece. I mean, of course they do so, we are the second most corrupted country in Europe. But this is not the case. They just want to see how much you will ask for as you’ve mentioned, in order to calculate their negotiations, the supply you can offer and if they want to buy at the given moment because the copper price for example might have decreased.

    The most hilarious example I have bumped into though, in my small career so far, was from a guy in Nigeria. He asked 1.5k dollars to send me 10 tons of scrap tyre steel wire. This is not something akward. The weird things is he asked in advance. Simple as that. I mean if he asked probably somebody did the transaction in Nigeria. Every person has their own rules and logic.

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