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    now that prices are in the gutter across the board i have found a benefit. the line for the truck scale is non-exstinent and i can get in and out, quick fast and in a hurry. just gotta be positive

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    wires n lights

    I’m just sorting & piling my scrap as I come across it and I still have a flow of free stuff coming in that others I know want rid of.

    People I know will bring their unwanted items to me as they view it as a type of recycling that can earn them perks, such as when they are looking for something special or a small favor.

    If a person wants to $URVIVE in these tough economic times, they need to be versatile, thrifty, frugal & slightly more wise then the foolish natured.

    I have always vied the so called future as a road with many forks, spoons and knives.

    When you understand the buffet you can figure out what utensil to grab for so you eat your honest & fair share.

    If we look at the concept of gambling at games of chance & lottos. We would find that those that try and beat the known odds are getting their fair share when measured and weighed with honesty & maturity.

    Make believe & pretend plans result in make believe & pretend results after the pyramid dreams & schemes are revealed and totaled.

    I view most gambling and daydreaming as much like playing the fools lotto. You have a coffee can that has a slot cut in the top where you put in your money. Then you look at the bottom of the can and see if you are a BIG WINNER.

    you find that it says SORRY you are not a BIG WINNER this time,


    something like that in a nuthouse

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    wires n lights

    p.s. What did you get with the $50 Duluth Trading Gift Card you won?

    mostly just curious as I haven’t heard much on the contest around here.

    in the post before it should be viewed the future. A few letters got left out it seems.

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    Gotta be positive is for sure…hopefully the positivity can relate back to the number soon.

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    wires n lights

    I’m positive about the trust I have in my personal self and the responsibility I choose to take on in this world of illusional money concepts.

    I learned long ago at a early age that if I was patient and honest with myself and others that the money carrots would come to me.

    I see so many that are caught up in the chasing of the carrot on the string on the end of a stick.

    Now and then they get a lick or a nibble as they day dream of getting the whole carrot. The proof of this is easy enough to see if we choose to see the honest truth and facts of the money concepts.

    When you have a greater understanding of the realm of popular superstitions and the illusions that can be “made up”,

    you learn and grow in the maturity that is revealed behind and beyond the popular escape of fantasy and fictional realities.

    I find this age of mankind a most interesting one as I understand the rules of the BIG game of Life very well.

    there will be wars and rumors of wars

    and there will be the “in between” reality that we are now faced with.


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    not much lol i love duluth trading but didnt know so expensive since its always a xmas gift but a long tail t and a hat. after tax and shipping i had less than 50 cents left and i personally didnt even know about this contest

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    I know it’s a hard time for most people I’ve scrap have a full time job and work a part time one as well I also do eviction removals and now come across clothing and furniture I’ve found selling this stuff on line and with consignment shops makes up for low scrap prices and the consignment shops here will by stuff from me out righ appliances if good can be sold as well I now only go to scrap yards as a last ditch to make money

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    Brad j gonnuscio

    Ive been doing alot of the same things here in
    Bountiful Utah….didn’t realize washers and
    Dryers were pretty basic to repair…..i’ve been
    lucky the last little bit selling them….thanks
    for sharing…..I appreciate it…..

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    Mike Diemert

    lot less people picking up scrap = more scrap for me
    stock pile and pray the price comes back up soon
    be ready if the prices do spike

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