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    If you are new to e-scrapping welcome!
    Here are a few tips that I hope will help you…
    When you break down desktop towers or similar scrap do them all at the same time. They are modular in nature so you can sort and stack the drive modules, power supplies, hard drives and motherboards close by for processing later. This clears space, keeps your area organized and minimizes tool use.
    Sort your plastic faceplates and other parts in a container then move them out.
    A pair of tin snips and a hand tamper or sledge hammer will help flattening out the steel shell for easy storage until your scrap run.
    Once you break down the individual modules use the hand tamper or sledge hammer to do the same.
    I hope these tips help save you space, and more importantly time.
    And don’t forget to save the screws they are scrap and they add up!
    Because every ounce counts and little things add up faster than you think…

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    A pair of tin snips and a hand tamper or sledge hammer will help flattening out the steel shell for easy storage until your scrap run.

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    One thing I would suggest you consider rethinking and that’s the removal of the plastic from the towers casing and the flattening of the actual tower cases.

    Reason I suggest the rethink is a result of my last trip to the yard. I needed to free up some space because I was running out of space to store mild steel items. Since I primarily deal in e-scrap 99% of all my mild steel was old, stripped down computer towers, 1500 lbs. worth.

    The current price for mild steel is (was) $0.05 per lb. so I walked away with a whopping $75.00. While I was unloading a couple of old, long time scrappers pulled up next to me and started to unload. After a couple of minutes I noticed they were watching me and the ever growing pile of computer towers I was unloading. Suddenly one of them spoke up, “Are you selling that as scrap steel?”. “Yes” I replied. He started shaking his head no and said, “You shouldn’t do that, you should have told the girl you had computer towers instead”.

    Well I had never given it any thought. In my mind once I stripped the cases down bare then they were nothing more than mild steel. When I got home I started checking and found that I could have gotten $0.15 cents per lb for old computer towers and there was no requirements for what had to be inside them. Instead of $75.00 I could have walked away with $225.00 and that’s not even figuring in the additional weight if I had left the plastic attached to the tower casings would have added.

    I have been kicking my but every day since for such a stupid mistake. Especially when I think back to my earlier trips to the yard to sell mild steel scrap (old computer towers) and how much I had lost out on those trips!

    Different yards in the area you live may or may not have a category for computer towers so you need to check, but if they do scrap smart and keep the towers intact with their plastic siding, don’t flatten them out, and put more money in your pocket!

    Moral of the story …. Never underestimate the wisdom and knowledge an old time scrapper possesses, listen when they speak, you just might learn something and put a few more dollars in your pocket in the process!

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