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    I have worked in recycling most of my life & for a scrap yard for over 5 years so I have seen the many things both good and bad in the recycling business. I was a buyer for over 3 years. Soon after the yard is worked for started to buy computers in started to do more & more research. Around 2 years ago I made a nice profit from selling processors and gold ram, the company I was originally using paid out well but after I received their confirmation email & agreeing with their offer thexpires company just stopped answering my calls and long story short 2 months past before I was even paid. My question is about boardsort. How well do they do business and would anyone recommend anyone else. I live in Georgia?

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    Check out Moose the Scrapper on YOUTUBE.He compared two companies.

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    We are in Boynton Beach Fl. and we sell all of our circuit boards to NAR Electronic Solutions in Miami Fl. they are very fair about their pricing and a fast pay. I delt with some others and had to chase them to get paid. Brent Pendleton Faith farm Ministries

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    I wouldnt recommend any one to go to cashforcomputers in ohio. Took a truck load there once, even with all my stuff inventoried and weighed going in they still burned me about $400 and then i got wacked $100 more for them paying me through paypal. I also had to wait for 3 hrs to get in and that was even with an appointment, so by the time i left it was too late to take their check to their bank, hense the reason i had to use Paypal.
    I hear boardsort is pretty reputable even though they pay a lil less then “cash for computers”.
    If you follow their videos and pack and weigh with pics theyll give you an upfront price.

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    kmasue, if cashforcomputers got you for $500.00 like you say then how can you say broadsort pays less than cashforcomputers? You might mean their list prices for escrap is less than cashforcomputers but if cashforcomputers hooked you for $500.00 what difference does a list price make?

    List prices only matter if in fact that’s what you actually get paid.

    As far as broadsort.com goes I hear they are honest and straight up. Never heard anything bad about their business practices yet. I have a friend that is a moderator for their forum and he swears by their honesty. I believe what he says. If you have any doubts check their forum out.

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